Ethyl Acetate (Solvent)

  • Ethyl Acetate - 3 decades of experience in production of EA
  • 50,000 tones Production per annum
  • High Standard Quality
  • Being exported to Europe, Africa, Gulf and to other countries
  • Meeting desired standards for supply to Pharma industries and Ink & Flexible Packing Industries in India.
  • Expertise available for supply in various modes of shipment packing like Bulk, ISO tank and Containerised Shipment of IBC and HDPE drums.
  • Registered as “Non EU-Manufacturer” with REACH since 2013 .
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Organic Manure

  • Production Capacity 20000 metric tonnes per annum.
  • Contains 13 Essential Nutrients including N,P,K.
  • Enhances Physical Condition and Water Retaintion Capacity of soil.
  • Balances Alkalinity and Acidity of soil.
  • Increases Photosynthesis and Air circulation.